Weblog 61 April 6, 2007


The book is done! The book is done! Yes, I am happy but not celebrating until it is sold. Next will be the excitement of the chase—how to find a publisher. No matter the outcome, all in all I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to think and write. Deb Schwab, my editor, has to go over all 400 pages one more time. Brave woman! I am grateful to her and to Judy Ball. They are two thoughtful women willing and able to help edit all the ideas I have into a readable book.

In the last four months the three of us have been working on the last chapter, part of which you will find below. Called “The Forest and the Trees,” this chapter introduces you to an Organizational Compass. Click [here] If you want to read more.

Before I introduce you to my last chapter I would like to say that it was written as I thought about and prepared for the impending death of Jacques Mauboussin, my son in law’s father, who died on March 11th. I first met Jacques in 1989 when he was the father of the groom. Even then I was struck by how genuinely kind and thoughtful he was, both to his wife and to his family. I knew my daughter was fortunate to be marrying into such a family. I enjoyed talking to him about what new car I should buy. (He owned an extremely well organized car dealership). When I traded in my old car for a new one, he sold my old one to a person who worked for him. Over time Jacques would let me know how my old van was doing. I love that kind of respect for past affiliations.

Overall the feeling that I got from his family and friends was that he made a difference in people’s lives just by his way of being there consistently for each person. Jacques had the rare ability to let important people be mostly free so that each could find his or her own way.

I had fun trying to ask him about his life without bugging him. Eventually he and his wife recorded their story, which is a fabulous gift for the next generations. When he died there was no big emotional upheaval but rather a great respect for a profound transition. Jacques seemed very happy to have lived his life the way he had, and was pleased to tell his view of things, but he did not impose his views on others. How fortunate for him and for us. He will be missed and be an inspiration.

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