Happy Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly, make lists, find time to wonder, and hopefully read a book or two.

In 2009 the highlight was not just decorating the halls but publishing my first book:

The Mindful Compass: Navigating Through the Social Jungle for Success.

What a gift to be able to present my favorite ideas considering just how it comes to be that we are just naturally blind to psychological and relationship processes. I even included a few uplifting ideas on what anyone can do to become a better observer and strategist.

Another of the many fantastic gift from 2009 were the interviews I was able to have with ten well known Mexican leaders. They made the book come to life. I was so fortunate to meet these ten extraordinary people, willing to open up their lives, enabling us to see how family relationships can be so very influential. I easily fell in love with Mexico.

As I had hoped these were inspiring stories reminding us of the importance of leadership, and containing a gentle reminder to be mindful as we move about in the social jungle.

By being mindful who knows what we might discover?

I rediscover every day the beauty of nature, the cherished love of family and friends and the kindness of strangers.
I am forever grateful!

In 2010 my wish is to hear and understand more family stories, hopefully generate fantastic questions, and improve my ways of seeing and understanding the family as an emotional unit.

My holiday gifts for each of you are contained in the following pictures.
Do let me know if they make you think, laugh or enjoy a moment.
Just click the photo if you would like to an even see a larger version come to life.

Joy to One and All,


Ordering the the Spanish Edition of Create Your Mindful Compass

If you would like to order the book from the publisher please E mail them at:


Eventually we hope the book will be available on Amazon.

I received a positive comment on the book from Francesco Piazzesi, which you can read below. It is very useful to see what others think of the book.

Francesco is one of the people I interviewed. He had no idea about the content of the book so it was very important to hear his viewpoint.

After the interview Francesco remarked how aware he became of how his values and goals emerge from telling his story of how knowledge was acquired in relationship with important others over the generations. This overview then allows one to see the importance of persevering thorough the ups and downs of one’s life.

Dear Andrea.

Thank you very much for all your considerations. I have read the book and I am reading it again. Also, I donate 4 copies to the library of the Anahuac University MBA program.

Even though I teach strategic management my students always have a willingness to find their own vision. Well, the “Crea tu brújula interior” has become a marvelous tool and a must reading.

Thank you very much again.

Un abrazo

Francesco Piazzesi