Questions for Leaders


Where do you go for inspirations?

How do you encourage your team to produce ideas?

Who keeps track of new, or even seemingly useless ideas?

How do you keep track of your relationships?

How much time do you spend looking at hard data and how much at relationship shifts?

How can you tell if relationships have shifted?

What do you do when people say unusual things?

What happens to your heart rate if people shoot down your best ideas or claim them as their own?

What do you do when people tell you negative things about others?

What do you do when you see people doing negative things to others?

How often do you feel responsible for others functioning?

How do you challenge people to see if they are really thinking?

How much do you know about your three generational family history?

Can you tell a  twenty minute story about your most important relationships and how they influenced your leadership ability?

If you have questions or ideas how often do you post them?

If you have time or interest let me know if these questions are useful.