Links and Resources

The following sites are Bowen Theory based organizations, where the main people trained with Dr. Bowen or others associated with Dr. Bowen:

The Learning Space is my Washingtone DC office –

my collegues:

Georgetown Family Center – Bowen Center for the Study of the Family –The Organization established by Dr. Bowen and now run by Michael Kerr, M.D.

Western Pennsylvania Family Center founded in 1985 by Paulina G. McCullough, MSW, ACSW– A Northern California program run by Laura Havstad since 1989

Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family – Houston, Texas program run by Victoria Harrison who is on the Faculty of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family.

Peg Donley and Carroll Hoskins, long term colleagues of mine, have organized educational and clinical training programs for those in the Prairie Village, Kansas area. Founded by Selden Dunbar Illick, in 1986 The Center for Family Process is dedicated to the memory and creative thinking of Edwin H. Friedman Leadership Coaching by John Engels, who first studied with Ed Friedman – The only Bowen Theory based Swedish Family Advisory Company, founded by Eva Sternburg Founded by Tamara Hawk in Mahnhattan, Kansas by Larry Mathews, CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF HUMAN SYSTEMS – FALLS CHURCH, VA. These training seminars begun in 1999 by Roberta Gilbert, M. D.,

Neurofeedback Links

“Train Your Brain” – article in Scientific American Mind

Zengar Institute – I use this software designed by Val Brown

Other pieces I have written now on the web:

1) For Mary Shoman’s site on coping with the emotional side of Thyroid Disorders