Real Time and Email Consulting


This photo is of the oldest working farm in Norway.

At the time it was run by two older woman who had to figured out how to bring up their supplies from the road far below. 

Look carefully and you can see a wire crossing the back of the farm house. It is atttached to a winch so anyone can wind the supplies up the hill using an old fashion tool.

 Yes, anything seems possible when people are motivated.  Now we have new tools, enabling  people to stay connected wherever they go. Probably this is a cures and a blessing. But now thanks to these tools- cell phones and e mails – coaching (not psychotherapy) for individuals is available, for those who have to travel and do not have time to come in for weekly or monthly visits.

Real Time Coaching:

I am available for telephone consult and do what I call “real time coaching.”  I charge $200.00 an hour and also have a sliding scale so people pay as they can afford to pay. 


I am more interested in motivated people and the challenging problems than money.  If you call me I will set up a time within 24 hours to talk and then I charge in 15 minute increments.  


I like to strategy and do not like to waste time.  Some people say I am not sympathetic enough, which might be true.  


I also like e mails as writing allows people to look over where they stand and what they think.  


I encourage people to write a 3 generational story so I can understand the forces over the generations.  


People function up in relationship to someone who is willing to be thoughtful and to take actions based on principle. When you read the story about my brother (Family emotional process and the big picture)  you will see how I analyzed the forces at play, which then allowed me to take stands based on principles rooted in clinical studies and research.  Please recall that I have been at this for 33 years so I am more willing to do things that others would find too difficult and that is OK. Many people call me names for taking on issues with my brother and then presenting about it around the country.  


Murray Bowen wrote a letter to the faculty and staff in 1982 which he started by saying:   “We forget that Family System Theory is a way of life to be lived out in everything we do, and that it is not just another dogma to be preached to gullible disciples. We know with our heads that good things can happen in families when we can maintain a modicum of self control and stay in contact, but we forget the same things applies to us as professionally.”  He goes on to say that we have a distant awareness that systems and passions and triangles are around us all the time and that this can easily result in polarizations and an “I am right and you are wrong attitude.”


All this to say I am always working on my part in all kinds of things and am happy to work with other such motivated people. You can call me and chat for free just to get an idea if you think you would like to work with me or not.


Call  203 274 1069 or you can   email if you are interested.