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Colleagues: Glennon Gordon, Regina Carrick, Priscilla Friesen, Kathy Wiseman,  Andrea Schara

The Learning Space and my colleagues are availale for consultation, coaching and clinical work.

I am also on the faculty of Navigating Systems D.C.

We offer programs to harness the wisdom of  the family system in provoking leadership options for  those involved in or working with family business.

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We are currently accepting participants for Navigating Systems 2017-2018. This forum is recommended for professionals who know they need to know more in dealing with their families and clients.

The class meets three times per year in Washington, D.C., and once/month for a webinar, with monthly personal consultation.

The learning forum has been highly acclaimed by family business leaders, consultants, and other professionals who live and work in emotionally intense environments. Read our testimonials.

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We are currently accepting participants for the Navigating Systems Spring Introductory.

This Introductory offers an exposure to the Navigating Systems learning experience. It includes Bowen family systems theory, neurofeedback, and the integration of these ideas into your personal and professional life. The introductory takes place over two days in May.

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Navigating Systems’ offerings are grounded in Bowen family systems theory, a revolutionary system for conceptualizing human behavior. The understanding of Bowen theory provides knowledge to develop strategies for living and working in complex family groups.

 We incorporate neurofeedback to address chronic anxiety and to promote greater integration of systems ideas into useful actions.

Each learning forum has the goal of increasing an individual’s resiliency around knowing and defining a self, despite social pressure to go along with others

We offer a Navigating Systems forum yearly, in addition to introductory offerings.

See below for current offerings. For more information, contact Navigating Systems.

The Role of Bowen Theory in Family Enterprise

Cooperating for the Future: The Role of Bowen Theory in Family Enterprise

What does Bowen theory contribute to a family cooperating around the assets for the future of their family and the larger community?

 Family Systems Theory and Organizations

 Inside Navigating Systems

Navigating Systems  introduces Bowen family systems theory and its integration into your personal and professional life.

You will experience both the system of the brain through neurofeedback and your family system as it informs your professional life. Presented by Priscilla Friesen, Andrea Schara, and Kathy Wiseman.