Brain On Fire: Ideas Beyond Words

“I am sharing with you a Navigating systems blog.  I hope you enjoy.”

In an email to Allison Whitney in November 2020, Navigating Systems faculty member, Andrea Schara, described the first time she met Dr. Murray Bowen. The story sparked Allison’s creativity to highlight these ideas using other media.

Allison has participated in Navigating Systems for the last three years. In this video, you can observe her skill at integrating images and music to enhance understanding.

One thing Allison is very clear about is that Bowen family systems theory makes sense to her and predicts there is a high probability she will gleefully pursue paths in life that allow for additional space and time to explore and apply the theory further.

What a gift! We hope you enjoy and pass on this creative leap to others.

Allison Whitney Bio:

Allison has been engaged in learning Bowen family systems theory for over thirteen years and had the privilege of building out her foundational work and thinking in Pittsburgh through the Western Pennsylvania Family Center. Her Bowen family systems theory learning experience has been compounded by other various educational resources and events hosted around the country and the globe. She currently holds the position of Board President for the Western Pennsylvania Family Center.