Thankful: A sneak preview of my book cover and ….


Thankful and Waiting –

I am so grateful for all of life, and most especially for the love and support from all my family and friends.

For those who follow the blog – this week promises to be the time for the long awaited birth of my book.

Your Mindful Compass: Breakthrough Strategies for Navigating Life/Work Relationships in Any Social Jungle 

Special thanks to all those I interviewed, to my colleagues and clients.

For those who continue to teach me about emotional process, triangles, and of course differentiation of self.

Most of all thanks to Murray Bowen, M.D for his original observations, on how the human family functions.

Bowen demonstrated with many people, including me, the various ways that the ancient mechanism of social control could be bent and sometimes even thwarted.

Thanks to the readers of the blog who have continued to give me feedback on my thinking and writing.

I give special thanks to my editor, Judith Ball, who has been working with me for the last eight years.

This book has been a three-year project, which has taken a tribe to publish.

Many individuals have joined in the effort to review, suggest, edit, index, and prepare the document.

Reviewers: Laurie Lassiter, Ann Bunting, Laura Havstad, Priscilla Friesen, Kathy Wiseman, Victoria Harrison, John Engels, John Cammack, and Eric Thompson.

Editing Help:  Annie Chagnot, Donna Troisi, Zane O. Odum. and Amy Campbell.


All have been both diligent and kind in getting this book ready for Amazon.

I appreciate everyone’s contribution in making this book come to life.

When the book is finally available I will send out a new notice.

Following is my favorite review.

It can also be found on the back of the book.



This is an unusually good book: intelligent, informed, and engaging. Andrea’s understanding of Bowen’s theory, and, even more importantly, of the phenomena Bowen described, is unerring.

The challenge of understanding just how vulnerable we all are, though to different degrees, as to being regulated by the environment,

is stunning, and Andrea backs this up by looking at many different areas of social research from Stanley Milgram on.

She has also broadened the focus on the family as a system, to the consideration of the work of other systems observers like E.O. Wilson and Deborah Gordon.

There is an interesting mix of her personal story and the stories from the leaders who were interviewed.

They are not Bowen trained people but can see and understand much about how relationship systems work just from living life.

This is a first-rate book.

It includes so much of what is important to say about Bowen theory and practice, that hasn’t been said,

including the use of the triangle toward increasing differentiation of self.  It is a relief to me to have it stated so well in written form now.

Laurie Lassiter, Ph.D.

Sneak preview of the cover created by my granddaughters: Alexa Schara,

and the photo by Madeline Mauboussin –


Your Mindful Compass:

Breakthrough Strategies for Navigating Life/Work Relationships in Any Social Jungle

And now a small bonus for those of you who like poetry and photography.


by Andrea













leaves and water


  1. I love the review and the dazzling cover, I can’t wait to read it ,Happy thanksgiving. I am so grateful for you in my life and in the world of seekers of truth,

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