Happy Haiku Holiday 2010

Time is fleeting, yet still
Soft white snow covering the brown table speaks
Warmly to the whispering trees.

What a gift this year has been. More than ever I so appreciate my family and friends, as connections are life. All the fun and challenges from sailing in the islands to skiing, watching rowing competitions, soccer and hockey games, enjoying the singing of grandchildren and finally gaining my red belt, one stripe in karate. Without Bikram yoga I would not be able to kick and this year, finally I got to meet my teacher.

Every once in a while it takes kicking to get things done. Sometimes kicking can throw others off, or create a bit of space and other times it is just good exercise.
Its fun when the whole family kicks, with many thanks to Mr. Lee…

I did not have to kick much traveling to be with friends and presenting on the English version of my book with Laura Havsad in California and Louise Rausseo in El Paso, Arizona. Creating Your Mindful Compass, (only available in Spanish for now.)

I also encouraged leaders in Vermont in developing a Family System’s community based program, Hanna’s House. They used some of the ideas Liz Eitt, myself and Eric Thompson and others have developed.

Check out: www.thezenfarm.com to see what Liz is creating.
My newest ideas will be available at www.thelearningspacedc.com

From the Rational to the Paradoxical: Tricks in Communicating from a Systems Perspective.

I will also offer two days of Systems Coaching for executives in their offices, using Zengar Neurofeedback training.

I would also like to see Dr. Bowen’s papers made available at The National Library of Medicine. The Murray Bowen Archives Project, supported by his family, and those whose lives have been changed by Bowen’s observations, plan to celebrate his 100th Birthday with the opening of his paper collection at a conference at NLM. Stay tuned.

Other high points a trip to Argentina with friends.

Then my 50th high School reunion at Georgetown Visitation, with old classmates and my favorite teacher, Sister Mary De Sales.

In December we had a small reunion of some of my cousins in my father’s family. We came to celebrate The Williamsburg Pottery groundbreaking event. Kim Maloney, who was married to my father’s brother, invited the family, along with political leaders from South Korea, Taiwan, the governor of Virginia and other local politicians, all of whom were invested in the potential future that continues the spirit of the founder, Jimmy Maloney, with a new version of the original pottery factory.

Kim with my bother, Drew and wife Margie,

Liz Eitt and my brother, Butch Maloney.

Love seeing my son and his three daughter. Everyone is growing and it is great to see.

In August we enjoyed a family vacation in England where we got to go see history in the buildings and most important the evolution of Darwin’s home and his thinking.

It is consoling to realize it took Darwin 21 years to publish his book.

I am grateful for all the fantastic people I know and love.
Much Joy and Gratitude as I focus on the challenges in learning and life in welcoming 2011!


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