Manging Self in An Anxious Family and or Community

I am honored to be a key note speaker for Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family: Programs at the Boarder. I will be in El Paso, Texas from August 12 – 14. You can see the details on the web.

Friday, August 13, 8:30-4:30
“Managing Self in an Anxious Family and Community”

The third annual day of presentations and workshops will continue, as in the past two years, to focus on understanding what one person can do in difficult life circumstances. The presentations will also help recognize the resources in one’s family and community which people can understand with the help of knowlege of emotional systems.

Andrea Schara will keynote the day with her presentation of the development of the Mindful Compass. Learning to walk confidently in your own direction can also make you a greater resource to others.

Reserve your SPACE today!
Information and Registration:
Lydia Hernandez 915-240-4628

Lively thinking and participation contribute to new insights and action. Reserve your space NOW.

Mindful Compass:
NORTH – Define your self, your values and mission: This is what I will and or will not do.
SOUTH – Resistance to change in your self or from others
WEST – Knowledge:Understanding one’s family system and other living systems
EAST – Standing alone while remaining in the best possible contact with others


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