Love and Con-Fusion

The following poem I wrote after consulting with a few people.
They confirm a universal principle.
People are my inspiration.
When relationships get stuck look to the fusion factor.

Love and Con-Fusion
Two people try
to use
to make two

They beg
they bribe
they cry
they threaten
do what I say, they say

One day,
up to see and say….

It’s hard to love someone you are afraid of.
It’s hard to love someone who caves in.
It’s hard to love someone who goes against you,
and sometimes –
It’s just hard to love.


  1. Hi Punkin,
    I like you site.. i like your poem con-fusion.
    I like you too. Hope I get to see you sometime.
    You are always welcome to visit me in Florida!

  2. Jill it is fun to see you again, especially in print.
    Hope I do get to Fl or you get to Ct. and we can have a real life talk.

    I am so glad you enjoyed the poem.

    Con-Fusion is one way the emotional systems softly takes us down into fantasy and then into pain.
    It is a fantastically better world when we can learn to see how emotional systems work.

    Because people can make us happy they can also make us miserable;therefore, the motivation to understand how to manage relationships intensity.

    Fortunately and unfortunately we are all part of relationships system that are really hard to see and understand so we might as well have fun learning….

    Your old friend…

  3. Since hearing Andrea present the Mindfull Compass image at the Center for Family Process in March, I have featured it in two sermons. If you are interested in reading them, here are the names:
    “A Simple Life: Focus and Time” April 25, 2010

    “Action Figure: Saul and Guy World” June 20, 2010

    I will be interested in your responses.


    David Conley

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