My happy news – this Easter season, my long awaited book, The Mindful Compass: Navigating in the Social World, will be published in Mexico, May 21, 2009.

Anyone who would like to come to a book party in Mexico City will be welcomed to celebrate at the museum Museo de Arte Popular.


I am deeply grateful to Maria Teresa Arnago, the founder of the museum, and Don Lorenzo Servitje who thought Maria Bustos’s idea, to welcome the book to Mexico at the museum, was worthy of support.  They are two of the ten leaders who have told their story of how family relationships enable learning and leading. 

Two years ago I began what I believed to be a very simple task – just interview ten people for the Spanish edition of the book. The book was written. Along the way I have met many wonderful and openhearted people. I deeply appreciate being given this opportunity.

None of it would have happened with out my families support, especially my daughter, Michelle Mauboussin, and of course the prime instigator, my friend Maria Bustos, who introduced me to Humberto Ruz, my publisher.

You can see more by clicking over to the interviews or to pieces of the book that are on this site. 

Thanks for all your support and a very special thanks to my editors, Judith Ball,  and Deborah Schwab.