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As of January 2017 I am back in the DC area, offering Leadership Coaching using Family Systems Theory and Neurofeedback Training. Basic to being a leader is navigating in one’s work and family system. Leaders can learn to step away from instantiations reactivity and build strategies to connect meaningfully with others, while inhibiting instinctive urges.

Questions to pounder: How do you see a system when you are so angry at your boss, your team, or your partner? What is the reason to court rejection? What are your ten best mistakes? What are the building blocks for your future?

Neurofeedback is a method to increase resiliency and awareness and decrease level of anxiety by training brain wave states. Training enables the brain to perceive the outside world more accurately. One becomes more integrated as to one’s past experiences and current life. A more integrated brain promotes the ability to think outside the social system’s constraints and to be more creative as a leader. Leaders considers who is responsible for what. They develop strategies to increase thoughtful behavior. Coaching and neurofeedback are two extremely useful methods to promote understanding of any social system while developing one’s most mature self in facing the challenges inherent in today’s hectic world.

Here are a few ideas from other leaders as to what you might expect.                           As a consultant to corporate leaders for the past 20 years, I have found it more and more difficult to find someone I can talk to when I get stuck. Andrea Schara asks me tough but important questions that often become turning points. When I leave our conversations, I see more clearly what I can do to improve my situation. John Engels, President Leadership Coaching, Inc.

Building successful relationships requires an understanding of how they work, what they mean and how what we do enhances or destroys them. If you want to give your business or personal relationships a real chance, check in with Andrea Schara. Her energy, insight, and enthusiasm stand as a guiding beacon in the swirling and sometimes fog-bound sea of life.  Roger Craver, Chair: Craver, Mathews, Smith & Company

 Bio: Andrea Schara took four years of post-graduate training in Family Systems Theory and Psychotherapy at Georgetown University. She was hired by Murray Bowen, MD, the originator of family therapy, in 1980 and became a faculty member in 1991. She has written and presented around the world on different aspects of Bowen Theory.


Her book is available on amazon: Your Mindful Compass: Breakthrough Strategies For Navigating Life/Work Relationships In Any Social Jungle

Call Andrea M. Schara if you would like more information.  203-274-1069


Real Time Coaching Using Family Systems Principles
Ms. Schara, offers Real Time Coaching and neurofeedback training for motivated individuals at her office at the Learning Space in Washington, DC and in Darien, CT.

E mail ( and cell phone (203-274-1069)

Family Systems Coaching:

My overall goal is to promote seeing and deeply understanding  the family as an emotional system while considering how to be a more solid, well defined self.  This process can be fun even when making a serious effort. The bottom line anyone can become a more disciplined participant-observer  in their family.

When anxiety is lower and people are not constantly faced with difficult challenges it is useful to see a coach,  to gain more objectivity about the overall situation.  If people are being bombarded with challenges they need more opportunity to think carefully.

If you are interested in contacting me the first 30 minutes are free. 

If you call I will get back to you fora scheduled time. 203 – 274- 1069 or email me at

To begin I take a three generational history over the phone.  The first session may take an hour and a half. After that I have found that 15 minutes consultations is enough for people to get a sense that there are options and other ways of dealing with anxiety provoking issues.

When people are in an anxious situation initially they cannot see or think about the way people are responding to them. Its easier to see what people do to us.  It takes time to see the emotional forces creating the anxiety. It takes time to find principles that can help people reorganize their behaviors.

When one is in an anxious system it is hard to think carefully, or paradoxically, or to use techniques like reversals to lower the anxiety.

It is also a real challenge to consider the principles involved in defining self, rather than return to habits or to  the automatic behavior, which focus on others to change.

Real Time Coaching is one way to give people more opportunity to see and clarify how the emotional process works in real time.

The cost is $200.00 per hour or $50.00 for fifteen minutes.

I offer you a few stories at

It does not come naturally to develop a way of reflecting, seeing the big picture  and learning to think strategically.


The term REAL TIME coaching distinguish my approach from all kinds of formal coaching and from any kind of therapy.

This is not psychotherapy, it is professional coaching, when you want it.


Work Systems Coaching

Are you stymied by these kinds of people problem:

  • Doing someone else’s job and not getting paid for it?
  • (Does this happen in your family too?)
  • Spending time complaining about others or your boss?
  • (Think no one but you is willing to change?)
  • (No matter what you do the others do not appreciate or will not do x, y or Z?)
  • Finding it difficult to motivate people?
  • (Do you find that not even money or threats can make people function well? )
  • Confused as to how to relate well to others at work?
  • (Are there people in your family that are a challenge whom you mostly ignore?)
  • Do family crisis leaks over into your thinking during work time?
  • (Find that you think about work while at home?)
  • Afraid to tell your boss what you really think?

REAL TIME COACHING is designed to encourage professionals to be energized as thoughtful leaders when any challenges appear.

I’ve found that knowledge of the emotional system plus timely coaching is key to making solid progress and achieving the sort of breakthroughs that prepare one to reach one’s true potential.

Understanding Your Family as an Emotional System

What’s the connection between how you were raised and how you handle frustration?

Which family habits from your formative years would you like to keep, and which would you like to change. (For example, “I want to keep my father’s generosity, but not his quick temper.”)

Over and over, I’ve found that it’s crucial to understand the family dynamic in order to make long-term progress. That’s why I start all my clients off with a detailed three-generation family history. In just an hour or two of conversation, my clients and I build the foundation for real progress. Emotional patterns are hard to see and harder still to break. Having contact with a coach that can stay loose and have fun, generates more freedom to think constructively.

I’ve created an introductory offer for visitors to my website – a free half-hour appointment to start the conversation and start understanding your family dynamic. It’s not enough time for a full three-generation family diagnostic, but it will give you a feel for how I work.

For your free half-hour appointment, drop me a line at, or call me at 203-274-1069!

I am sure you will only contact me if you are serious about solving your work challenges, and reaching your life potential.

Just take the first step!

Andrea Schara
( and cell phone number (203-274-1069)

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